About Us

 We are a group of friends that are passionate about sports, outdoors experiences and in love with the beauty and wilderness of Ubatuba!

Let´s Go is providing the best ecotourism experiences, adventure tourism, outdoor sports and living in total contact with the beautiful nature of Ubatuba.

We are offering Boat Trips, Trekkings, SUP Expeditions, Surf Trips, Snorkeling, Wakeboarding and Free Walking Tours!

Let´s Go takes you to explore pristine beaches, wild rivers, clear water islands, stunning waterfalls, preserved eco-hideaways, surf locations and spots that are not included in conventional tours in the area. 

With specialized, bilingual guides that love the adventure, our team will give you unforgetable moments in this heaven on Earth.

Live, feel and contemplate the wilderness of Ubatuba with lots of fun, safety and adventure!

Let's Go and spend some Magic Moments together!

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